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750ML Bottle

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Gold Drop Bottle


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Introducing Gold Drop Vodka

Produced from the finest wheat and rye grains through triple column apparatus distillation for extreme purity. Creamy, with a hint of white coconut and an inkling of pepper. Smooth viscosity and creamy richness. Full vodka flavor with no bite or harsh aftertaste. Clean and clear. The definition dates back 3 generations of Master Distillers at our world renown vodka distillery. For over 180 years the secret of the Gold Drop has been kept amongst the family as a term used to describe the first truly pure drop of product that is tasted and approved from each hand crafted batch of product. Once the vodka goes through the entire process and has finally reached the epitome of purity, our Master Distiller has one last taste before it is approved. That taste is The Gold Drop. It was only fitting that we saved only the top tier of our production to be bottled as the Gold Drop brand.

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